Teaching music is one of
the most rewarding parts of my career

I enjoy watching my students develop a love for the instrument and learn new skills. Playing the piano also helps my students learn many valuable lessons that help them while they play and in real life.


Music Improves Spatial-Temporal Skills

While studying music, a person’s spatial-temporal skills and ability to solve multi-step problems improves. They become better at solving math, engineering, art, and gaming problems in everyday life.

Music Makes the Brain Work Harder

Playing and listening to music activates a larger growth of neural activity in the brain. It is beneficial for sound discrimination and fine motor skills. In short, teach music and you give your students more active brains.

Music Teaches Discipline

I’m a strong advocate for practice. It makes my students and I better players, and regular practice helps them become more disciplined. That discipline enhances a person’s ability to succeed on the job and in life.

Music Boosts Test Scores

Music boosts a student’s concentration, focus, and memory.
Those skills are important in the classroom during quizzes and tests and can affect a person’s success in life.

Music Develops Language Skills

Music training can enhance left-brain development, and that’s where language processing happens. This benefit is important for young children as they decode sounds and words, and music also helps patients with memory challenges or brain damage. Music truly is a universal language that also improves verbal skills.

Music Hones Multiple Senses

When playing and studying music, students use almost all of their senses.
Their ability to hear, see, and touch is honed as they cue into the songs they practice and play.

Music Is Fun!

piano-362251_1920Music is fun whether you’re grooving to tunes with friends or playing a classical piece on the piano. Everyone from 1 to 100 can enjoy music, whether they play or listen to it, and music teachers find pleasure in sharing that experience with their students.
Music is important in so many ways. It is my pleasure to teach students, and I encourage you to choose a career in the arts, too. Whether you perform or teach, you benefit from music.