piano-378898_1920My name is Nancy Meyer-Masterson, and I am a professional pianist and instructor. When I played the piano for the first time at age five, I fell in love with the instrument. There was something about the shiny keys and rich sound that attracted me. From that moment, the piano became my favorite instrument.

At age seven, I started taking formal lessons. I practiced consistently for years to improve my ability, and by the time I started college at age 18, I was playing professionally for weddings and other events while also teaching students in my free time. Those years I spent teaching others and performing were very rewarding, and once I earned my degree in music, I decided to attend graduate school, where I earned a master’s degree in education. It was with great pleasure that I anticipated forming connections with both my students and my audiences.

It is my pleasure and privilege to share my talents and the piano with students of all ages and abilities. I appreciate the opportunity to watch my students’ faces light up as they master a new chord or perform a complex arrangement, and I feel proud during the recitals when all of my students’ hard work is showcased to their family and friends.

Of course, I haven’t given up on performing. I love watching my music connect with listeners and seeing the emotions on their faces as I play! While I’m primarily focused on teaching these days, I do also perform at weddings, parties, and fundraising events in the area.

My students are truly one of the greatest joys I have experienced during my career as a piano teacher and performer. I continue to look forward to sharing my talents with many more students and audiences in the years to come. Whether you are brand new to the instrument or taking up lessons again after a hiatus, I welcome you to contact me for lessons today. Just email me at nancy@nancymeyerpiano.com.