music-279333_1920Piano lessons help students learn to play this instrument, but piano students also gain other benefits: Their memories improve, they become more disciplined, their school grades improve, and they become more confident. As a piano teacher, you have the opportunity to affect students’ futures as you teach them to play this instrument.

Piano students of all ages need a teacher who understands their needs. That’s why lessons, methods, and resources are personalized to the student. Most teachers provide private lessons in their home or in a studio. Students receive the teacher’s full attention during the one-on-one instruction that’s personalized to them. These lessons are usually held once per week, last between 30 and 60 minutes, and require the students to practice during the week.

There are two types of teaching methods, and piano teachers choose one based on their preferences and the student’s needs. The Suzuki method immerses the student in the piano’s sounds. The student hears the song repeatedly and then learns to play it by memorizing the note patterns and using the correct fingering. The traditional method teaches music theory. Students progress through books that teach them to read the notes, keep a beat, and play with two hands. As they master one book, they move to the next level and learn advanced music theory and more challenging pieces from numerous genres.

Teachers may use a variety of resources and tools to help students understand and master the piano. Ideally, lessons are varied and fun for students of all levels. The tools a teacher uses include a tuned piano,proper posture, and a metronome. Students will also work through books that teach music theory, and students can listen to music for inspiration as their skills improve and they develop a love for the piano.

Piano teachers do more than equip students to play beautiful solo, group, or accompaniment music. They also nurture talent, cultivate a love for music, and equip students with a variety of life lessons. It is a rewarding and challenging career that makes a positive impact on a student’s life now and into the future.