board-935455_1920Due to budget concerns, many public schools cut music and art education. However, I and other music educators and advocates believe that music and the arts are important parts of every child’s education. They teach many important skills and invaluable lessons that help kids succeed in all areas of life.

Improve Math Abilities

Music requires students to keep time and recognize patterns. They also have to count and learn fractions as they follow rhythms. Likewise, art requires an understanding of fractions, patterns, shapes, and proportions. These math abilities are put to use in the classroom and while solving problems in the everyday world.

Enhance Science Skills

Being exact and specific is an integral part of art and music. Artists must mix paint and prep the canvas properly, and musicians must learn about acoustics, intensity, and harmonizing. These science skills are also found in life as students solve problems and find solutions.

Learn a Foreign Language

Musical notation and the titles of many classic artworks are not in English. Instead, the terms and notations found in music are a specialized shorthand, and music notations and art titles can be written in Italian, French, or German. To read and play music and create art, students must learn at least a little bit of a foreign language as their vision of the world around them expands.

glasses-272399_1920Appreciate History

Since the beginning of time, artistry and music have been part of the human experience. Students can trace the arts’ importance and use through history as they learn about composers, artists, and their influence on society and modern culture.

Connect to Cultures

Every culture in the world uses music and art to communicate. While studying the arts, students connect to other humans and the world.

Get a Physical Workout

To play any instrument, musicians must be physically fit. They have to control their diaphragm, stomach, back, and chest muscles and be able to coordinate their fingers, arms, and facial muscles. Creating artwork also requires physical fitness and promotes health.

Express Emotions

The arts allow creators and the audience to experience and express their emotions. Through their chosen medium, they can be sad, happy, angry, or hopeful. These lessons help students get in touch with their feelings and express their souls now and equip them with invaluable skills for whatever life throws at them in the future.

piano-956474_1920Improve School Performance

Research shows that the arts improve verbal skills, memory, and focus. Children and adults need these skills as they succeed in school and in their everyday lives.

Follow Instructions

Whether students follow written music or instructions from an art teacher, they are learning to follow detailed instructions. They need this skill whether they work as architects, engineers, or clerks.

Learn to Work Hard

Playing an instrument or mastering an art medium requires hours of hard work. Students must practice and stay committed even when they don’t feel like it. This work ethic expands to other areas of life and helps students find success.

Music and the arts do teach many important life lessons. They are a valuable part of the public school curriculum and integral for real-world success.